Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to my BUNKER!!

Hi Everyone......
Thanks for stopping bye while I was busy repairing my house from the termites. I know it's been awhile since I posted anything but the time has come to show the pictures of my old garage.....turned into my NEW CRAFTROOM........YEAY!!!!!

I have been very busy with the help of my fantastic brother-in-law Mark and my wonderful DAD fixing my laundry and lounge room and turning my garage into my new room. Mark rebuilt all the walls, I painted and Dad helped me build the fixtures and fit the room out with my craft stuff. I had help plastering and tiling from some tradies I know, but it has been alot of hard work in a short amount of time. I was still working on average 6 days a week. There is still alot of work to be done on the outside of the house but we are still plugging along with that.

Back to my room..... I have been spending alot of time in the room and Karlee has named it my BUNKER. A place to escape from the world....I love the new name....

After a trip to IKEA....It has lots more room for LOTS MORE stamping stuff.....

I have a few more things to buy air conditioner and some chairs but I'll use the dining chairs while I save some more money.....

I moved my punch wall from the family room and added another rack...Lots more room...LOL

I added another 4 ribbon holders to my wall this time in anticipation on filling them up..hahaha

I've had one class already and another on Friday night so it's full steam ahead for creating.

It's been wonderful....The termites may have destroyed heaps but this has allowed me to move the craft classes from my family room in my small house and given me a fantastic space to make as much noise as I like and not disturb the rest of the family. The craft ladies will LOVE it..... they can laugh and be noisy all night long now.

I've made a few cards, most are cased because I haven't had the time to think lately, but I'll share them with you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping bye

Happy Stamping until next time

SUZIE xoxo


  1. Hi Suzie, your new "Bunker" is FABULOUS!!! No doubt you will spend many enjoyable hours in your wonderful new craft haven. TFS the photos - there are so many clever storage ideas going on - love your ribbon "pipes". :)

    1. Thanks Helen. A close friend told me you have to have Rain to make a true. Wish you were closer to come and play :0)

  2. Your room is awesome, Suzie! All the hard work is paying off, it looks great and I hope you and your friends have lots of happy times creating in the Bunker!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful dedicated new space! I am sure you and your stamping friends will have great times here; it is FABULOUS!!

    1. Thanks Christine. I wish everyone could come and play .....LOL :0)

  4. Suzie this is wonderful, so much storage and the option to walk out without having to worry about leaving stuff everywhere or the effects of noise on the family, l love your wall colour and huge table...Have fun creating!

    1. Thanks Nikki for your kind words :0)