Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year!!!


Sorry it's been weeks since I posted.... I have been re-building my house after the termites ate thru 2 1/2 rooms........Garage, laundry and into my lounge room. The lounge room has been fixed and the laundry has been completely re-built and plastered and painted and all the stuff has been moved back in... that has been hard to work around to get my washing done. But it's all completed now.

But out of all catastrophe's, GREAT things develop (in my world any way, I am SO the optimist)


I have converted my single garage into my NEW CRAFTROOM.....YEAY!!!!!

The walls have been re-built and the plastering has been done and I finished painting on Sunday.....
The tiler is laying the new floor tiles this week so by early week I will have some photos to share of my NEW wonderful craftroom. I have to have it ready for Stamp Club because it starts the first Friday in February.

Won't the craft ladies be surprised when they return??????

So back to the house finishing........ I'll be back on here soon


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  1. Cute stocking Suzie & the poinsettia embellie looks fabulous.
    You've definitely turned a stressful situation into a wonderful opportunity. Hope you enjoy many happy hours playing in your new craftroom! :)