Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nothing like being BUSY!!!!

No One can believe the S**T that happens in my life......

Hi Everyone... I told you I have been busy lately....Not in a GOOD way.
We found termites in our garage and laundry and have been pulling walls down and fighting the little pests.
You think you do all you can to keep these bloody termites away and they still get thru somehow. I spray every 6 months and have my house checked regularly.....AHHHH!!!!
It's amazing they can do this much damage in no time. The pest man said they have only been here about 2 months at the most. Luck we found them now.......
I have alot of rebuilding and that will take awhile because I am divorced and only have one wage.....but that's fine. I'm really good at painting, plastering and redecorating so I can't wait to start that part of it.
I just can't believe the things that happen in my life.....I have to keep smiling.....They say that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" But I think someone is trying to make me Superwoman.....LOL

In all of this mess I have been teaching my classes and card making so I will post some creations

Back to tearing down walls

Suzie xoxo

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