Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Parties!! More Invites!!

Everyone should relate to this one.....

In our house it is the year for 21st birthday parties again....
We had this happen in 2009 with my eldest daughter, Karlee and all of her friends, now it's Allanna's turn in 2011 .These invitations are for Allanna's boyfirend, Aaron's 21st and his sister Brittany's 18th birthday party. Their birthdays are only a week apart, so it's a double celebration.

So my idea was to have an invitation that opened up.....Aaron on one side and Brittany on the other and all the information in the middle.
Aaron is first born and a BOY so he gets the crown and Brittany is a glitzy girl so she gets the bows and bling.

The front is just classy and simple...What do you think???
Colours are Pacific blue and Melon mambo, black, white and silver.

And the next set is the most important......

Love Suzie xoxo

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