Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Invitations!!!!

Hi Everyone.... I have mentioned that I have been busy lately....not just with my real job but I have been making invitations. It seems they have all arrived at once.

The first ones were for a wedding...
I received a quite 'random' phone call from a couple about 4 weeks ago to make them 100 wedding invitations for their 400 guests.
You see.....I didn't know them but they found out about me, through a friend of a friend of my cousin's about that!
These invites had some stamping, some printing and lots of cutting out...but they were thrilled with the end result.

This is the inside of the invite. It was a three fold card. The sunset scene on the card front is a photo of a is NOT stamped. The M & T were cut out on my cricut machine. Such beautiful colours for an island wedding....don't you think.
Moli and Toru loved their invitations and I know Moli will make a beautiful bride on the beach at sunset.

Now for the next ones.

Love Suzie xoxo

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