Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sorry back soon with some amazing pictures of flooding in Ipswich, Queensland. My house has been saved but the business is still on flood watch....they say it will peck higher tonight....not sure yet.

I was only 81/2 years old when the dreaded 1974 flood was here and I thought I would never see this again in my lifetime....WOW!!! how wrong could I be. My girls are just astonished at the amount of water that is around in our CBD.
We have had about 3 hours sleep all night on flood watch....we worked till about 8pm to get the business office cleared in case of flooding but we haven't slept much because the water just keeps coming higher. The main Bremer River thru Ipswich is now at 19.15m. Last Saturday it was 2.5m....not bad hey......

Back soon with some pics.....We have been testing out the new camera I got for Xmas.

Keeping my feet dry...
Love Suzie xxx

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