Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flooding In Ipswich

Bremer River at West Ipswich looking towards One Mile. The new bridge they said wouldn't flood was under 4.1m......
This is our Coles store in Ipswich between Brisbane St and Limestone Street at the bottom of town. The water covered four streets away from the river and about 10 blocks.
This is the drain outside my work that usually is about 40cm wide and basically dry. It feeds back into the Bremer River at the One Mile stretch. It spreads way back to Warwick Rd that is flooded over by about 7m and our business backyard with all our machinery.

Just sharing a few photos as promised. These don't really show how bad things are here. This morning the main bridge in town was closed to most traffic because they were afraid it was to unstable. The flood reached 19.4m this arvo at 3pm. and has dropped slightly now at 11.30pm, only about 5m under the bridge. This is huge and we hope it doesn't stay there very long. The floods have really devastated my town again. It will take awhile to rebuild and restore it back to beautiful.

Back with more tomorrow

Love Suzie xxx

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