Monday, November 1, 2010

You Have To Try It Once

This has to come under that heading....YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ONCE.

So we did.......

Halloween is starting to be very popular in Australia and we wanted to have a go at Pumpkin Carving. Karlee looked up on the internet to find all the tips and tricks on how to carve them and bought a few patterns....Of course, Karlee did the middle face below as her first one and then moved on to the intricate skull with top hat.......Allanna, Aaron and I did one each.
So what do you think about our first go at Pumpkin Carving....Pretty good hey.
They were a big hit at my sisters Halloween Party and all the Trick or Treaters loved them too.

These are the pictures when they had the tea-light candles turned on in the dark.
Wait till next year....It was so much FUN.

Love Suzie xoxo

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