Monday, November 1, 2010


Karlee the vampire and some gruesome friends, Joshua(zombie) and Scott(scream)

Little devil Allanna and Beetlejuice Aaron

This is me, Suzanne, the hillbilly and my sisters Leisa and Lynda as glamorous angel and witch. Check out my Billy Bob teeth. I had trouble talking and keeping them in all night....but it was great fun handing out the lolly bags. I told the kids they would get teeth like mine if they ate too many lollies...LOL

WOW...........we can't wait till next year. Halloween was great fun this year. We had a party at my sister Lynda's house and gave out lolly bags to the Trick or Treaters. We all got dressed up and decorated the front yard to make it extra fun.
We had about 200 Trick or Treaters. We only made 180 lolly bags so I guess we will have to make alot more next year.

It's hard to wait another 365 days........

I'll try to be back tomorrow with some stamping.

Love Suzie xoxo

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